Verano VKN Silent

Verano VKN Silent

High thermal output complementing minimum noise level!

Ideal for any rooms and chambers with the extreme low noise level requirement our fan assisted trench heaters add energy efficiency and high thermal output on the top. We have modified the construction of the heat exchanger and used the different type of the fan impeller/motor. Everything we accomplished for quieter work and increased efficiency. Our newest 100 mm high VKN5 fan assisted trench heaters provide improved noise level, with the like other models’ thermal duties, respectively.

Product features:

  • high thermal output complementing minimum noise level
  • health and safety met – any servicing current only 24V
  • highly energy efficient heat exchanger
  • product compliant to PN-EN 16430

Basic sizes:

Trench height: 100 mm
Trench width: 170, 250 mm
Trench length (Lk): 650÷3500 mm

Non-standard (NS) length heaters can be made on order.




ETO – Engineered To Order

The rooms and chambers in the Parliament Building required heating emitters with a total minimum noise level. We designed the brand-new model exclusively for this project to meet the highest and the most rigorous noise level requirements, usually the same that are for broadcasting rooms.

On the chart we present the comparison of the acoustic power for the selected frequencies. All figures have been included based on the results report no 4/2017 “VKN5 10/25 In-floor Fan Assisted Trench Heater Acoustic measures” and report no 5/2017 “VKN5 9/25 In-floor Fan Assisted Trench Heater Acoustic measures” both executed by Heating Department of the Energy Affairs Institute in Lodz/Poland.

Standard equipment:

  • Casing made of galvanised steel sheet in RAL 9005 black,
  • Highly efficient copper-aluminium heat exchanger with air vent,
  • Modern fan with silent end efficient 24 V DC motor,
  • Connection space cover,
  • Fan cover with airflow baffle,
  • ½" connection threads (VKN1), ¾” connection half threads (VKN5),
  • Assembly struts,
  • Fastening anchors,
  • Trench positioning adjustment system.

Additional equipment:

  • Casing made of galvanised steel sheet in any RAL colour,
  • Decorative frames that run around the trench casing attached to the grille support edge: frames can be L or F shape, made of natural or anodised aluminium,
  • Decorative grille,
  • Assembly protection fibreboard for transporting and installation,
  • Raised floor kit,
  • Bimetallic temperature sensor,
  • Adjustable grille support edge for trench casing (requires making 5mm wider casing),
  • Casing protective film,
  • Foil sleeve for heat exchanger,
  • Anti dust filter (requires raising the trench for 10mm),
  • BMS control*.

* - In case of trench high of 100mm the BMS controller should be assembled into the electrical fuse box.

Accurate thermal outputs, temperature correction multipliers and hydraulic flows and selection characteristics that concerns VKN SILENT fan assisted trench heaters are included in VKN SILENT Fan Assisted Trench Heaters technical catalogue.

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