CUH Heavy Duty Electric Unit Heater

CUH Heavy Duty Electric Unit Heater


Heavy duty unit heaters for horizontal or vertical mounting. Ideal for space heating of larger areas such as warehouses, open plan stores, sports halls, factories and workshops. Also for anti-condensation heating in plant rooms. When mounted with vertical discharge, can be used to recirculate high level hot air for improved heating efficiency.



  • Rugged heavy duty finned metal sheathed elements
  • Totally enclosed permanently lubricated motor for increased reliability
  • Automatic reset over temperature cut out for added safety
  • Fan delay switch to purge unit of residual heat on switch off
  • Draw through design for efficient air circulation
  • Adjustable directional louvres for optimum airflow
  • Flexibility of horizontal or vertical mounting


  • Integral hydraulic de-stratification thermostat (CUH-TH)
  • Integral fan only switch (CUH-FSW)
  • Integral 240V contactor for ease of installation (CUH-C)
  • standard over 7.5kW
  • Remote thermostat with on/off switch (CUH-RTH)
  • Mounting bracket for wall or ceiling mounting
  • Eye bolt set for ceiling suspension (CUH-EYE)


CUHs are designed for use as space heaters. For satisfactory performance their total output must be sufficient to overcome the area’s heat loss. The average temperature rise across the unit is 20oC and thus the CUH is not recommended for ‘spot’ heating.

If even heating is important, several units spaced around the area will give optimum conditions. Fewer high capacity units will give lower installation costs at the expense of evenness of heat. In each case, the heaters should be positioned against outside walls and in areas of greatest heat loss. Their airflows should support each other, creating a circulating air movement. Ideally the total air volume of the space should pass through the heaters about three times per hour. The addition of centrally mounted ‘vertical’ units and/or installing CDF De-Stratification fan units will reduce stratification and improve overall space heating efficiency.

Integral or remote thermostats are recommended. Three phase units are supplied complete with integral contactors to facilitate easy control.


For optimum performance the heater should not be mounted higher than the maximum height shown in the table. The heaters should not be mounted at a height of less than 2.2m, 3.3kW – 5kW units not closer than 300mm to wall or ceiling and 7.5kW – 40kW not closer than 450mm to ceiling and 600mm to wall. Standard brackets maintain these clearances.

All electrical connections should be made by a suitably qualified person in accordance with the latest edition of the IEE Requirements for Electrical Installation (BS 7671:2008).


Standard mounting brackets are recommended. They ensure minimum clearances are maintained. Selection as per table below. Vertical airflow units can be suspended from chain using the CUH-EYE eye bolt set.




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