Trebema Range of Aqau Decalcifiers

Calcareous water is common everywhere and causes lime deposits in pipes, heating elements and other water connected equipment. Reduced output and increased energy consumption are other consequences. The service life of installations connected to the water system will also be affected. On the other hand the lime is important from a health point of view. Aqua Decalicifier, however,prevents the lime problems without affecting the water quality.

Aqua Decalcifier will prevent the lime deposits

When using the decalcifier, the lime remains suspended in the waterand runs out through the drain instead of creating deposits. The method is both effective and environmentally appropriate - no chemical additives are used and the taste and the quality of the water are not affected.
Also, the quantity of detergents in washing machines can be reduced by approx. 25 % due to lower surface tension of the water, which is positive for both environment and operational economy.

Aqua Decalcifier also dissolves existing deposits.

It may often take 6-12 months to dissolve existing lime deposits, dependant on the hardness of the water and the grade of damage. If the water is harder than 15° dh some deposits may remain up to five years. In heavily contaminated  installations the decalcifier may initially cause miscoloured water and loose flakes of lime may give rise to clogging of strainers and nozzles. This demonstrates the effectiveness of the decalcifier.

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