Ormandy Rycroft Storage Calorifiers

Ormandy Rycroft Storage Calorifiers

Ormandy Rycroft design and manufacture a comprehensive range of storage calorifiers, semi-storage calorifiers, indirect cylinders, and buffer vessels to provide a flexible and economic solution for all water heating requirements.

Vessels are designed to the latest British Standards, the Pressure Equipment Directive, and Building Regulations, using a variety of materials to suit system pressures and primary mediums.

To complement our stand-alone equipment Ormandy Rycroft also provides a total packaged solution comprising all components necessary to comply with relevant standards and legislation.

Storage calorifiers, with high-performance tubular heat exchangers, are generally manufactured in solid copper but for high-pressure systems copper lined steel vessels are supplied. Stainless steel calorifiers are also available.

    Full range of capacities is available
    Vented and unvented systems
    Heat exchanger: “U” tube fully removable for maintenance
    Suitable for all primary mediums – MTHW, LTHW, steam, and heat recovery
    Unvented Skid packages with safety devices and expansion vessels

Indirect Cylinders:

Indirect cylinders are suitable for low-pressure systems and include fixed heat exchangers. Our standard multi-tube single pass exchangers are hydraulically balanced to provide maximum heating benefit coupled with low-pressure drops.

    Indirect cylinders, suitable for primary LTHW water
    Vented and low-pressure unvented systems
    Heat exchanger multi-tube and coils
    Fixed internal exchanger with bolted tops as an option for maintenance
    Standard material solid copper construction with stainless steel and galvanised steel is also available

Solar Vessels

Ormandy Rycroft manufactures a range of calorifiers for use on solar-only systems or in conjunction with the traditional primary heating medium, calorifiers are manufactured with single, dual, or triple heat inputs as required, primary heating can be direct or via removable bundle, fixed coil(s) or external plate exchange.

Vessels are available in solid copper, copper lined steel, Carbon steel, Galvanized steel, stainless steel, and/or duplex stainless steel.

Standard dimensions are available in our storage calorifiers and indirect cylinder catalogues, Alternative sizes, and orientations are available on request.

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