Ormandy Rycroft Maximiser

Ormandy Rycroft Maximiser

Maximiser Semi Storage high output calorifiers

The Maximiser range of high output semi storage calorifiers was developed to meet peak loads with reduced storage volume by the use of an in built instantaneous heat exchanger and secondary shunt pump. Normal demand is met by the continuous flow from the heat exchanger with peaks being supplied from a combination of water from the exchanger and the vessel contents.

    Reduced storage volumes and standing losses with rapid recovery
    Reduction in plantroom space requirements
    Maximiser units designed for hourly output of up to four times the nominal storage capacity
    Peak loads in excess of the hourly output rate can be achieved without increasing boiler output requirements
    Full active storage within the calorifier reduces the risk of growth of the Legionella bacteria


How it works:

Fig 1   Fig 2  
When the draw off is less than the pump circulation rate all the cold feed is fed straight to the heat exchanger. The pump also takes hot water from the bottom of the cylinder maintainng a full reserve of hot water. When the draw off exceeds the pump circulation rate the excess cold water collects in the bottom of the cylinder ready to be passed through the heat exchanger when  the peak demand ceases.


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