Other Products

Keraflo - Aylesbury Valves

K Type Valve - The weighted key-shaped float can be accurately set in a number of positions on the float arm, actuating the valve at a predetermined difference in water level, driving it fully open or fully closed without water hammer. This positive action avoids dribble, reduces noise and allows full flow until the selected level is reached.





SPC - Coil Heat Exchangers & Heat Pipes

SPC offer coil heat exchangers to suit water, steam or refrigerant fed systems. Coils can be designed to suit duct, AHU or bespoke unit applications. Blygold® corrosion resistant coating available. The patented Heat Pipe technology enables heat recovery between supply and exhaust air streams with no external energy input. The Heat pipe also offers advantages over other technologies with a small footprint and zero cross contamination.


SPC - Fan Convectors

SPC manufacture a range of fan convectors which provide a quick and efficient means of bringing a room up to temperature.
The range includes wall and floor mounted units as well as the TileVector which is designed to fit into a standard false ceiling, fitting within the 600x600 grid. The unit is available in both LPHW & electric versions and can be supplied with a range of control options.






Decoval - Butterfly Valves

Suitable for a wide range of applications including process, industrial, food and HVAC. Butterfly valves offer low weight and size along with low installation and maintenance costs. Available in sizes 1 1/4” to 12” with manual or automatic operation.