Radiant Panels

SPC Thermatile Plus Radiant Panels

SPC ceiling-mounted radiant heating systems release valuable wall and floor space and open up an entirely new range of architectural and design possibilities. They also combine energy efficiency with ease of installation. Radiant ceiling panels are unobtrusive; they provide a comfortable environment without the need for visible heating media.

SPC radiant panels go one better; their uniquely flexible design combines architectural and technical appeal. They offer designers the chance to heat and cool a wide variety of internal spaces. You can choose panels that are sized to drop into a standard t-bar grid, or opt for larger stylised ‘sails’ that are suspended below the ceiling.

The SPC Thermatile Plus is manufactured from a unique aluminium sandwich panel that is structurally rigid and is an excellent heat conductor. 12mm copper pipes are rolled into aluminium extrusions and mechanically fixed to the panel to provide permanent and efficient heat transfer.The standard pipework is a serpentine coil with opposite end connections - same end connections can be supplied as an option. A prefitted insulation board may be fixed to the top of the panel to ensure that any heat loss above the panel is minimised. Where panels are to be freely suspended, a neat plastic edging trim is applied to conceal the edge and insulation as well as minimise side convection.

Where panels are required to fit into plasterboard ceiling, a special plasterboard trim is available and would be suitable for secure locations such as hospitals, prisons & police stations.

SPC have been accredited the EN14037 standard for their Thermatile Plus radiant panels, see graph below for certified outputs.