Automatic Balancing Valves

FlowCon offer a unique product that will save both time and money on most installations over a manual balanced system. The range of automatic balancing valves also come complete with a variety of control and fittings options.

Automatic Balancing Valves require NO commissioning

As a manual valve is adjusted it not only changes the coil flow, it also changes the total flow in the common pipe. The pressure differentials and flows across parallel circuits are upset and then must be re-adjusted. This is a difficult, often impossible balancing act.

The automatic balancing valve will maintain the flow rate through, for example a fan coil unit. This will reduce the time spent on site manually balancing the system as well as reducing the need for partner valves or
additional pipework. The commissioning time will also be reduced leading to savings on both material and labour costs. The heart of all the FlowCon valves is the adjustable cartridge which can be supplied either as a standard internally adjustable composite or externally adjustable - E-Just cartridge. This enables the contractor or maintenance engineer to change the flow rate to the required unit during or after installation. The cartridge
works by means of an adjustable orifice and diaphragm to ensure that the pressure difference within the valve is constant, regardless of the changes to the system pressure (within defined limits - see graph).

Automatic vs. Manual System Layout Comparison In addition to terminal unit valves, the manual balanced system requires ‘partner valves’ located on the branches, risers & main.

Manual Balanced system - 40 valves 

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Automatic Balanced system - 27 valves