Advanced Technical Products (ATP Ireland) offer a range of valves for the HVAC market including PICV (Pressure Independent Control Valves), Dynamic Balancing Valves & DPCV (Differential Pressure Control Valves) from Flowcon, Delayed Action Float Valves from Keraflo as well as manual balancing & butterfly valves.

ATP offer premium valve products to the marketplace at very competitive prices and back this up with experienced & knowledgable technical sales personnel.

We are happy to offer design advice as well as provide detailed schedules outlining valve selections, settings, pressure drops etc for insertion into specifications or submittals.

With ATP & Flowcon devoted to dynamic flow regulation and pressure independent temperature control we will be able to offer the optimum solution for a well-balanced HVAC system.

Product Categories

PICV (Pressure Independent Control Valves)

Dynamic Balancing Valves